Terms and Conditions


Initial session

€ 100

50 minutes

Follow-up session

€ 100

50 minutes

Double session

€ 160

90 minutes

Reduced fees

limited contingent

€ 70

50 minutes

Couple Therapy

€ 140

50 minutes


One can apply for a subsidy from one´s health insurance company.

If any unforeseen circumstances mean that a confirmed session cannot be attended, one needs to cancel by phone, email or SMS 48 hours in advance; otherwise, the session fee will be charged.

In case of cancellation at short notice due to sickness, a doctor´s report must be submitted.

The fee needs to be paid via bank transfer within a week of the invoice´s issue date; otherwise, no follow-up session can be scheduled.

I am subject to total confidentiality, except when the client discharges me from it. I am obligated to record basic data, such as the beginning and end of psychotherapy sessions, dates of sessions, fees and possible recommendations for doctor´s counselling. No content of the psychotherapy sessions is mentioned in these records. These records are accessible to clients upon request.