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I have been drawn to the role that interpersonal relationships and emotional experiences play in the development of the individual since my earliest professional interactions. However, working as a sociologist made me realise the limits of my ability to understand the nuanced and intricate causes and manifestations of psychological sorrow. By interacting with professionals in, and institutions of, the public health service, I grew to better understand these psychological dynamics. Encouraged by these insights, I decided to broaden and deepen my professional life with psychotherapeutic training. Through provided counselling in Austria, India, and Great Britain, as well as civil society commitments in the U.S.A., I have come to the conviction that the effectiveness of psychotherapy is based on a respectful and appreciative therapeutic relationship. These experiences in inter- and trans-cultural interaction laid the groundwork for my understanding of the human experience and my professional approach to and the self-conception of psychotherapy.

In my work as a psychotherapist an environment of trust and absolute discretion will be created and sustained.

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Porträt Julia Günther